Get Your Vote On

Get Your Vote On is a group of young people doing the seemingly impossible — making voting fun/interesting/worth doing for youth who are eligible to vote but don’t make it out to the polls.

Since 2004 we’ve been hitting the streets, organizing fun events, and using cutting edge media tools to connect to youth, facilitate their voices being heard during elections, and providing the information they need to get out to the polls.

In the 2005 British Columbia Provincial Election GYVO registered over 20,000 first time voters through a combination of street outreach, voter ‘hubs’, and concerts and events across the province; the result was the first increase in youth voter turn out since the 1970’s.

GYVO continues to engage youth during elections around the province in a variety of non-traditional ways. Most of our activities happen around election time. If you’d like to rock out with us, drop a line!

Who is the GYVO Team?

Get Your Vote On is lead by a non-partisan group of dedicated volunteers. Our focus is not to support any particular political party or candidate, but instead encourage more youth to vote in municipal, provincial and federal elections.

Our Steering Committee is made up of young activists, artists, political junkies, students, and people who know that youth have a voice that can make a difference. We strive to be an open-source network by supporting individuals to organize outreach events in their communities and light a democratic fire in the places they live, study, work and play.