About Us

The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius) was formed in 2004 in Vancouver. We are a federally registered charity.

Why genius? Well, The Global Youth Education Network Society is a mouthful and by the time we finish saying it, we sometimes fall asleep. So, we landed on’ genius’, with a small ‘g’ to shorten the name, to give it a bit of punch and to try and get to the core of our work.


The mission of genius is to build capacity in the progressive social change sector including, but not limited, to youth organizations.

Our work is not about scores on an IQ test, but about one application of the word genius, which is about mastery and being a scholar in many subjects. The social and environmental challenges that we face are big and interconnected.


There aren’t simple answers to many of the issues that we work on, so we believe that in order for the kind of change that needs to happen, we need to understand many aspects of how change is made. We do this through our projects and in weav- ing what we learn in our different focus areas together into a strong fabric for change.