The social and environmental challenges that we face are big and interconnected. Genius believes in building capacity in the progressive social change sector.

About Us

The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius) was formed in 2004 in Vancouver. We are a federally registered charity.

Why genius? Well, The Global Youth Education Network Society is a mouthful and by the time we finish saying it, we sometimes fall asleep. So, we landed on’ genius’, with a small ‘g’ to shorten the name, to give it a bit of punch and to try and get to the core of our work.


The mission of genius is to build capacity in the progressive social change sector including, but not limited, to youth organizations.

Our work is not about scores on an IQ test, but about one application of the word genius, which is about mastery and being a scholar in many subjects. The social and environmental challenges that we face are big and interconnected.


There aren’t simple answers to many of the issues that we work on, so we believe that in order for the kind of change that needs to happen, we need to understand many aspects of how change is made. We do this through our projects and in weav- ing what we learn in our different focus areas together into a strong fabric for change.

In order to meet our mission, we develop and implement projects in four areas:

Mainly through Next Up: a leadership program for young people committed to social and environmental justice.

Civic engagement

Mainly through Get Your Vote On: A non-partisan youth voter engagement project

Intergenerational collaboration

Mainly through Re:generation: an ongoing project looking at how we can work cross generationally to address key social change issues

Social Change Innovation

Mainly through supporting Next Up Alumni start up and launch innovative social change projects.

Our programs prepare youth to be the leaders in tackling the most complex challenges of our time.


Get your vote on
Get Your Vote On is a group of young people doing the seemingly impossible—making voting fun/interesting/worth doing for youth who are eligible to vote but don’t make it out to the polls.
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Hua Foundation
In their work on shark fin issues at Shark Truth, youth organizers Claudia Li (Canadian-born Chinese) and Kevin Huang (Taiwanese-Canadian) began to see that many youth in their Hua community – like them – were yearning for deeper engagement.
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Organize BC
Training, coaching, and community building for a more equitable and socially just British Columbia.
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Next Up
We believe that good solutions to the biggest issues are out there, and can be realized. We have different approaches to teaching and learning, but we all believe that a new generation of progressive leaders is needed and should be supported.
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Re:Generation is about intergenerational and cross-community storytelling and dialogue that really shakes up the status-quo. We bring Elders, Boomers, Xer’s and Young Folk to tell their stories.
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*We moved offices on Jan 1, 2017. Please update your contact information for us accordingly.

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